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Has Your Loved One Suffered Nursing Home Abuse?

You and your family may be entitled to compensation for the pain your loved one was forced to endure. Contact the Thumbs Up Guys right now to get the help you need.
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The choice to put a loved one in a nursing home is never easy, but you do so under the belief that they’ll get the care and support they need. If you discover or suspect your elderly loved one is instead being mistreated, it’s not only a destruction of your trust, but a complete violation of your loved one’s rights.

At Miller, Dawson, Sigal & Ward Injury Attorneys, our experienced Charleston, SC, nursing home abuse attorneys are dedicated to holding nursing home facilities, that harm innocent elderly citizens, responsible for their inexcusable actions. We’re the Thumbs Up Guys and we’re here to help seek justice for your loved one.

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Your Loved One Deserves Justice

Every nursing home resident has rights and we’re here to help protect those rights. We’ll stop at nothing in the fight for the justice your elderly loved one deserves.

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With the Thumbs Up Guys by your side, you don’t have to worry about whether you can afford legal help. It costs nothing to hire us and you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case.

Nursing Home Abuse Is Devastating

Nursing homes are meant to be a place where our loved ones can live with dignity and happiness. Robbing them of the safety and comfort they deserve in their residence is a violation of their basic human rights. We know how devastating and infuriating it can be to learn that your elderly loved one has been mistreated. You and your family deserve justice and compensation for the wrongs that have been committed against your loved one.

Unfortunately, taking legal action in these situations can be incredibly difficult and often requires help from an experienced Charleston, SC, nursing home abuse attorney. The Thumbs Up Guys are experienced in protecting the rights of our elderly citizens in Charleston, North Charleston, and surrounding areas, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you, too. We’ll take care of the legal side of things, so you can focus on caring for your loved one. All you have to do is reach out to us today.

What Are the Common Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

If your elderly loved one shows any of the following signs, they may be experiencing abuse in their nursing home:

Unexplained bruises can be a clear indication of physical abuse.

Prominent bedsores are one of the biggest warning signs that your loved one may not be receiving the attention and care they need.

Failing to provide proper nutrition to a nursing home resident is a form of abuse. If your loved one appears emaciated or dehydrated, it could indicate abuse.

When a resident’s will or power of attorney is changed suddenly without a clear reason, it could mean they are being financially taken advantage of. Due to their weak or sickly nature, some nursing home residents can be easily manipulated or forced into changing their legal documents to the benefit of their abusers.

Was Your Loved One Mistreated in Their Nursing Home? We’re Here for You.

Don’t wait to pursue justice for your elderly loved one. The Thumbs Up Guys will review your case free of charge and help you take the steps towards the justice and compensation your family is owed.

What Causes Nursing Home Abuse?

While there are many possible scenarios that can lead to the abuse of an elder in their nursing home, we’ve listed some of the most common causes of nursing home abuse below. If you’ve witnessed one of these poor practices or any unacceptable behavior in a nursing home facility and suspect your loved one or others have been mistreated, it’s important to take action immediately.

Understaffed Facility

Many cases of nursing home abuse are caused by negligence, a form of abuse. Negligence often occurs when facilities are understaffed and simply don’t have enough people to provide every resident with the care they deserve.

Poor Supervision

It is the duty of every supervisor to ensure that abuse does not occur at their facility. Supervisors who are careless or turn a blind eye will only allow abuse to continue. Sadly, this is the case at many nursing home facilities, as abuse often happens behind closed doors and many supervisors do not enforce strict rules to protect residents.

Individual Staff Member Issues

Each individual staff member has their own struggles of life to deal with, and those issues could include a history of abuse, mental illness, health issues, and other factors that increase their likelihood of lashing out on their residents. When a nursing home facility fails to run background checks on their staff members and take the necessary security measures, elderly residents can suffer the consequences.

Underpaid and Under Trained Staff

When nursing home workers are underpaid and under trained, they may not have the necessary motivation or skills needed to carry out their duties effectively. Additionally, their frustrations can manifest in the form of direct abuse of elderly residents.

How to Start Your Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Making a case for nursing home abuse will require evidence of mistreatment on part of the nursing home or an individual staff member. However, gathering evidence, witness accounts, industry expert testimonials, and more can be incredibly difficult and time consuming.

That’s why, in every stage of the legal process, it’s always best to have an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer by your side to ensure that your loved one has the best chance of getting everything they’re owed.

Nursing Home Abuse FAQs

The value of each case will vary, but our Charleston, SC, nursing home abuse attorneys can help you and your family determine the true value of your case by evaluating specific circumstances, such as:

  • The form of abuse
  • The type of injuries
  • The duration of abusive behavior
  • The accompanying medical costs
  • The physical pain and emotional suffering the elder was forced to endure

If your loved one is in immediate danger, call 911. You may also call the South Carolina Department of Social Services. Their job is to investigate cases of nursing home abuse and ensure that your loved one has the care they need.

As soon as your loved one is safe, contact our Charleston, SC, nursing home abuse attorneys at Miller, Dawson, Sigal & Ward Injury Attorneys. We’re the Thumbs Up Guys and we’re ready to help you and your loved one demand justice.

If your loved one has suffered nursing home abuse, they could be entitled to compensation to cover:

  • Relocation costs
  • Medical costs resulting from the abuse
  • Emotional distress
  • Funeral costs in the event of a wrongful death

Large nursing homes often have lawyers of their own ready to counter any claims of abuse or neglect. Having an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer by your side will even the playing field and give you the best chance of getting the justice and money your family needs to begin moving forward after this traumatic experience.

When you work with the Thumbs Up Guys, you won’t have to worry about any upfront fees or expensive retainers. We work on a contingency-fee basis, which allows you to secure our services without seeing a bill until, and unless, your family receives compensation.


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